International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Education
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Volume 7 Issue 2 (June 2023)

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Issue Information | International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Education Vol. 7 (2)
Issue Information

pp. i - vi   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiape.2023.567



Original Articles

Original article | International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Education Vol. 7 (2)
Development of Social Parent Education Platform for the Prevention of Child Neglect and Abuse

Ulaş Yabanova, Vehbi Onur Demirciler & Oktay Şahbaz

pp. 42 - 58   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiape.2023.567.1


Child neglect and abuse is one of the most important problems of modern societies. Studies show that this problem continues to increase day by day in many developed and developing societies. In this context, a parent training program development project was carried out in order to prevent child neglect and abuse, supported by the Turkish National Agency within the scope of the Erasmus+ KA2 project. In this study, the development processes and theoretical bases of the Social Parent Education Platform, which was developed to bring together the educational content created within the scope of the project with the users and to provide parent education with social media-based content, are included.

Keywords: Child Neglect and Abuse, Social Media, Learning Management System, Adult Education

Original article | International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Education Vol. 7 (2)
“I’m a Teacher Material!”: Reasons of Preservice English Teachers for Choosing to Become a Teacher

Emre Uygun & Müge Karakaş

pp. 59 - 78   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiape.2023.567.2


This qualitative single-case study aimed to explain the reasons why individuals choose teaching from the viewpoint of preservice English teachers, on which the number of qualitative studies with this study population are scarce. The case, in this direction, was a Turkish state university’s Department of English Language Teaching, and the sampled group comprised of 10 preservice teachers of English as a foreign language. Qualitative data was obtained through an online form, which included ten sentence completion prompts starting with the statement, “I want to be a teacher because…”. Then, through a rigorous coding and notetaking process, categorical analyses were done to identify the reasons why preservice teachers chose this career path. Out of 100 statements provided by the participants, 131 coding references emerged, fitting under a total number of 11 themes and 13 subthemes, categorized as intrinsic, altruistic, and extrinsic motivational reasons. Overall finding in the study was that preservice teachers were mostly intrinsically and altruistically motivated for being a teacher since the majority of them expressed their interest in teaching with personal values and commented on the place of the profession as a contributory element for the growth of the community and its members. On the other hand, one subcase exhibited immoderately elevated levels of altruistic motives, which may lead to job burnout or dropout in the future. As for extrinsic motivations, such as prestige, financial gains, or external influences like family members or peers, they held the least importance among the study’s participants, and only one subcase reported to have chosen teaching as a fallback career. The study’s results, in this regard, are anticipated to provide valuable insights into EFL preservice teachers’ own justifications for choosing a career path in teaching.

Keywords: Career Motivations, EFL Teachers, Preservice Teachers, Teaching Reasons, Teacher Education

Review Articles

Review article | International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Education Vol. 7 (2)
Adlerian Therapy: A General Review

Melda Meliha Erbaş

pp. 79 - 90   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijiape.2023.567.3


Adlerian therapy is a therapeutic approach developed by Alfred Adler on the basis of the theory of individual psychology. Adlerian therapy, which is considered as a neoanalytic approach, differs from other neoanalytic approaches in that it emphasizes the purposefulness of behavior in addition to the individual's past lives and emphasizes subjective opinion. In terms of addressing both the individual's past lives and the motivations underlying their current behavior, Adlerian therapy offers a fairly broad perspective on the individual's personality and behavior. Although research on Adlerian therapy, which has a deep-rooted foundation, is limited in Turkey, given the compatibility of basic concepts with Turkish culture, it is thought that the development and dissemination of Adlerian therapy-based practices will contribute to the field of mental health. For this reason, the article aims to cover the general philosophy and concepts of Adler's theory of individual psychology, its basic concepts, psychopathology view, the process of Adlerian therapy and the techniques used in the therapy process. In addition, the article evaluates the literature findings related to the uses and effectiveness of Adlerian therapy and provides some suggestions to researchers and experts working in the field.

Keywords: Adlerian Therapy, Individual Psychology, Alfred Adler